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About Krista

Krista has had a passion for teaching her entire life. From a very young age, she has wanted to share what she knew with others through a collaborative approach. In group lessons, she learns as much from her students as they do her - and she wouldn't want to have it any other way! 


Fiddle and Guitar

Krista teaches group Fiddle and group Guitar classes of all levels. Whether you are just starting on the instrument, or have been stuck in the same rut for years - Krista can help! The best part about these lessons is that you are the driver - you influence the curriculum of the lessons based on your musical likes! 


Making Learning Fun

It's important to learn the basic essentials, there's no doubt - but it's just as important to have fun while doing it! 

Krista's instructional lessons are song-based, with a variety of music from Country, to Folk and  Celtic, to Rock and everything in between. People who learn together, thrive together - so grab an instrument and join a super fun group of people with a common goal - playing music! 

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